Blue Like Jazz

Blue Like Jazz is engaging, insightful, compelling, enchanting,
smart, winsome, and really good.


Don Miller is a pretty awesome writer. He’s also seriously smart and undoubtedly a great guy to hang out with.

He has given us all an honest, open, uncensored look at life. We’re grateful for that.

His book — and now the movie! — is all about a Christian engaging with life as best he can in this odd, fallen world,
a world full of mysteries and mixed motives and foolishness and temptation and even a fair amount of dissimulation and downright hypocrisy.

But with Blue Like Jazz there’s one thing missing. The book is so well-written you might not have noticed.

Here’s this amazingly successful book about living as a Christian…and what’s missing?

The central event of Jesus’ mission. His death for sin. The grace that comes to us through the cross.

OK, that’s three things, but they are all really one thing. And they are almost totally missing.

That’s why we wrote our book.

Red Like Blood: Confrontations with Grace 


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“This book is the story of two men; one a preacher and the other an obvious sinner, who both learned to drink deeply from the gospel
and to experience the amazing grace of God. Red Like Blood is captivating, challenging, and encouraging.”


“Red Like Blood is real. Through the humble stories of two uncomfortably honest men you’ll see the depth of your own need
and you’ll celebrate the Savior who meets, forgives and transforms you too.”

“Red Like Blood is a powerful reminder that while our daily sin reaches far, God’s daily grace reaches farther.
Joe Coffey and Bob Bevington beautifully demonstrate that the gospel doesn’t just rescue us from our past and it doesn’t just rescue us for the future–
it rescues us in the present by regularly reminding us that in the economy of grace, brokenness always precedes usefulness.”

“In Red Like Blood Joe Coffey and Bob Bevington share stories of joy and sorrow, laughter and pain, grace upon grace.
This book reminds us all that the grace of God is authentic, that it is powerful, that it is enough. I commend their book to you
so you can see how grace works, how it transforms lives, how the story of these men is really the story of a loving and gracious God.”